It is truly hard to believe that we are celebrating our 20th anniversary at Cornerstone.  Over the last few months I have reflected on the path we have taken that has brought us to this point.  I truly understand the saying “the days are long, but the years are short”.

My earliest memories of our first office are very vivid.  We had approximately 5,000 feet of office space, no furniture, no computers or equipment, and few employees.   We did have 6 cell phones resting against the window due to the poor reception in our building but very few calls.  At this point, it seemed more like a dream than a reality.  But what we couldn’t see, was the large number of talented individuals who would soon join us in Rick’s vision of a very unique company.

Our Purpose Statement, “To Provide A Better Place For People To Work” encapsulates the essence of Cornerstone.  A simple but powerful belief that people who are treated with integrity and respect, who have a good work/life balance, who enjoy their work, will deliver superior value to our customers.  This is our competitive advantage. The people whose commitment, professionalism and skill delivers the value our customers expect on a daily basis.   

Over the last twenty years we have experienced tremendous growth in our business yet our purpose has never changed.  The decision by Rick in 2012 to make Cornerstone an employee owned company was the ultimate fulfilment of the vision that started our company.  How fitting is it that those who built this company now share in its ownership.

To our customers, we can’t thank you enough for trusting us with your business.  You gave us the opportunity to deliver on our promises.   You have our commitment that we will continue to strive to exceed your expectations!

To those whose efforts have made Cornerstone, I can only say thank you.  It has been a blessing and an honor to work with you over the last twenty years.  I look forward to our future and to what we can accomplish as we continue to move our company forward.