Freight Claim Statistics - 2018
Total Number of Loads 2018 121,200
Total Number of Claims 2018 349
Total Claim Amounts $1,520,275.46
Claims Ratio 2018 0.29%
Average Days for Claim Acknowledgement From Date of Claim Receipt 5 Days
Average Number of Days For Claims Resolution/Settlement 24 Days
Average Claim Settlement/Payment $4,356.09





What is Cornerstone Systems claims ratio?

Claims issues result in less than 0.29% of the shipments transported by Cornerstone.

Cornerstone Systems transported 121,200 customer loads in 2018.

349 claims were presented to Cornerstone Systems.

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Claims FAQs

Why must Cornerstone Systems be notified at delivery/occurrence of any loss/damage?

This allows Cornerstone Systems to promptly investigate your loss, and report the damage/loss to our transportation provider. In adhering to the guidelines set forth by our transportation providers, we are able to promptly settle your claim.

Can we destroy the damaged commodity after we notify Cornerstone Systems?

No. The customer MUST NOT destroy the damaged commodity without the authorization from Cornerstone Systems.

What is the time limit for claim filing/submission?

Claims must be filed in writing within nine (9) months from the date of shipment. Exception on concealed damage, a written notice must be given within fifteen (15) days of delivery or claimant has the full burden of proving it did not cause the damage.

When can we expect settlement of our claim after submission?

With the required supporting evidence and documents, Cornerstone Systems will settle your claim within 90 days of claim receipt.

Can we deduct the claim amount from outstanding invoices owed to Cornerstone?

No. Your freight claim will be thoroughly investigated and promptly resolved.