Cornerstone Systems has established an outstanding reputation for quality.  Here are some examples saying “Job Well Done".

“We are very happy to work with Cornerstone Systems. The people we work with are simply a pleasure to deal with. Getting a quote from Mindy Rodgers (Canfield, Ohio) is easy and fast. She is always there to answers any questions and always ready to guide us. Dealing with Jason Wallace (Portsmouth, Virginia) is very pleasant as well. Extremely professional and nice overall. Can’t really as for a better sales person. Always ready to listen, always ready to answer any of our questions, simply the best! I hope we can continue working together for many, many more years to come.”
Lana K.

“Amy (Portsmouth, VA) is great to work with. Her attention to service, details and getting accurate information over in real time.” 
Rose F.

“Awesome and Thank you all for the HARD WORK on this one!!! You all are much appreciated.”
Joel Q.

“Lynda, working with you is one of the best experiences I've ever had in this industry.”
Alex S.

“The customer service and the attention to our account from the Cornerstone team is excellent.”

Don L. 

“Whitney was outstanding!  I have a folder with more than 200 emails on this one move. Every step of the way, Whitney updated and sent us clear, concise emails. We always were able to quickly plan our next move. Never have I experienced a broker so on top of every step. This is only the second time in my 35 years of working here that I’ve been this impressed and sent a message like this in writing. (The last time it was handwritten because email didn’t exist!)  Reading the emails from Whitney, I truly believe she was working hard every day to find the best solution to whatever issue we were facing. THANK YOU WHITNEY.  WHITNEY IS A ROCK STAR!”  
Pat F. 

“I'm really glad that I got to work with your company because the people and service are simply great. I know that I'm very fortunate that I got to experience working with Cornerstone because it validates that excellence in business can really happen.”
Shawn M.

‘Thank you as always for your assistance, I know if I’m ever in a pinch I can contact you and the Cornerstone team for assistance.  You’re awesome.”
Christina M.

“Thank you so much for your quick and prompt ability to handle this on such short notice!! You guys are the BEST!”
Michelle P.

“Ya’ll are so wonderful to work with!!!  Thank you so much for taking good care of us.  Thanks and best regards.”
Sandra A.

“You need to go ahead and make Barron (Tacker) employee of the month! Not just because of this shipment he’s helping us with, but for every shipment he’s ever handled for me. I never have to worry about a thing when he’s handing my shipments, and even if there is an issue he’s always quick to find a solution. I’ve mentioned to you in the past that I love working with Barron, but I feel that he should really be recognized for his outstanding customer service. He has installed a level of trust that is hard to obtain with most Carriers and truckers these days. Barron definitely sets a standard.”
Stephanie S.

“Lauren (Carson), you are the bestest!  Thank you!”
Mark P.

“Yeh!!! Thank you Brandee. Thanks for going above and beyond. We appreciate it.”
Kimberly A.

“Not sure if you are aware how hard Julian (Memphis) had to work on getting drayage for the 20ft. container booking I sent you last week. Thanks to Julian and all the extra calls, emails and updates….it finally got solved.  Just wanted to pass on good news & thanks for service.  Enjoy your day J“
Jean H.

“Thanks and I will see if we can use the Cornerstone group for some other trans load business. I like her (Barneye Ates) style and methodology.”
Chris B.

“This is why I love working with Cornerstone (Portsmouth, VA).  You are friendly, professional and you watch out for my back.  I could NOT ask for anything more from my vendors.  Thanks so much for everything.”
Debbie C.

“We (Cornerstone) received either a “check” or 100% for every KPI category.  They stated that we were the easiest provider to work with and the most responsive and helpful as well.  Our response time is bar-none comparatively and our weekend/after hours assistance was by far the best.  It is mostly a testament to Mike and Christine’s diligent work on this account, but as we say, one team-one goal.”
Julian P.

"Your creativity and team approach is both exceptional and appreciated.  You (Conrad Villaluna) are the perfect example of what “Team CORNERSTONE” represents.  Great job!”
Karen C.

“Have I mentioned that you are wonderful Barneye!”
Kathie F.

"These shipments have faced many challenges and demanded an extremely close attention to detail. Nancy Chaponis has been working with me on these since the first pickup and she has gone above and beyond any expectations I had for such a shipment. She has answered any and all questions/requests quickly, efficiently and above all else accurately. It has truly been a pleasure working with her, and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trust anyone else with these shipments in the future.”
Aaron G. 

“Thank you very much!   You (Jemil) really are the best and it is a pleasure working with you.”
Alina C.

“Beautiful. Customer service was wonderful.
Will definitely call upon you (Collis Bryant) again.”
Graziella S.

“Thank you (Shannika) again for your great service!  Guy was just here and I had to brag about you!!”
Cindy L.

“I wanted to thank you (Kevin) and your team (Sheryl, Jeff, Courtney, Jazmine, Ryan) for the extra help.  We really appreciate your teams effort and follow through.  Make sure your team knows they have been doing a great job!”
Bryan G.

“Cornerstone is great – don’t know what I would do without you.”
Venetia H.

“It is SO nice to work with a broker (Judy Lee) that has their information together!  We appreciate all of the work we get from you all and we will continue to do our best to make sure all of your PNW freight moves smoothly!”
Lauri B.

“I want to compliment a great asset to your company, Katherine Bushlow, who  is a superior individual. She is always prompt, courteous and diligent at her work. Her work is quick and professional . She instills solutions to problems and provides updates on shipments. People like Katherine are hard to find.”
Carole Z.

“Thank you (Mark) for your great service and super attitude!”
Amy E.

"Thanks Collis – we will, of course assign the delivery order to the best 3PL in the world – Cornerstone Systems!"
Venetia H.

“I’ve been extremely impressed with both of you (Mark and Katherine) and glad I chose to use your services.  Kudos for a job well done.”
Peter C.

“I believe in recognizing outstanding service. Tara needs to be recognized for the unbelievable hard work & dedication she showed on 4 loads this past Friday. I had a very important customer who at the last minute asked me to get 4 loads off his dock by the end of the day or else he wouldn’t be able to clear it off his books in time to make his numbers. I expressed to him how hard it would be to make that happen but I would try.  Tara worked very hard to cover all the loads within my customers short time frame. Not only did she cover them all but we ran into a problem with a couple of the trucks having delays and resulting in drivers running out of hours. There was no other day the loads could pick up and it was about to cost my customer hundreds of thousands of dollars if they didn’t get moved. Tara worked very late into the night, kept me well informed and diligently worked to recover each load for me.  My customer rang praises about me and my service last Friday recovering the loads but Tara is the true recipient of the praise. I was very impressed with her communication and her dedication to make sure this all happened in a short time frame.  Please see to it that her (and her team) understand I appreciate what she did for me and my customer. There will be more loads coming to Cornerstone from me and this customer as a result.  Thank you”
Phil B.

“Thanks again.  Your team is always my first call when we are in a Zero Fail situation.  Tara, I owe you BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Daniel S.

“Many thanks to you (Jim Chaltas) and your team, for helping us be successful!”
Esther G

"Thank you (Tara) for working late to take care of this issue, your dedication is greatly appreciated!”
Douglas D.

“Great customer service is hard to come by these days and I really appreciate all
the attention you're giving this shipment! You rock!”
Kerry S

“Cornerstone has been partnered with us for about 10 years now and their record of on-time-performance is close to immaculate.”
Rich S.

“Charlene - I have been watching how well you have been handling the shipment and I want to thank you for your excellent service.  I wish every carrier had the dedication to their work as you do with Cornerstone.  You are truly an asset to Cornerstone, and have been to us as well.  Your work on this movement was excellent!  We couldn’t have done this without you.”
Clif B.    

“Thanks! Susan. I really don’t know how I could live without Cornerstone.”
Venetia H.

“You are my go-to rail girl (Chanda)!”
Tina C.

“We never experienced anything but great service from Cornerstone.”
Meryl S.

“ Brent…Thanks for your quick turnarounds.  I am now in the process of moving 10 loads thru Cornerstone this week!  Thank you!”

Hank A

“Thank you very much!  You guys (Bill, Mike, Angelica & Chanda) sure know how to communicate with your customers!  Lead by example!  Thanks for the help, and great job.”
Ian R.

"Cornerstone is our best intermodal carrier. It isn’t just the measurable items that set you apart, it is all the other things too: initiative, communication, professionalism, anything is possible attitude, etc. Thanks for all you and your team do! Cornerstone Rocks!”
Jennifer M.

“I have been working in the transportation business for almost 30 years. Neil Hoekstra is by far the most outstanding transportation professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with”
John P.

“Heather McPherson has spoiled me for life!”
Ellen S.

“Well done team…well done.  I cannot thank everyone enough for all the hard work that was put forth in making this happen.  THANK YOU!!!  I love it when a plan comes together…”
Lisa B.

“Barneye Ates is a master when it comes to thinking outside the box.”
Beth S.

"Cornerstone has been hauling for me for some time.  They seem to have good rates and their tracking system is excellent."
Bill F.

“I want to compliment you and your staff for the “Great Job” that was done covering all of our loads during Neil’s absence. The first 2 weeks of October were our 2 busiest weeks of the year with deliveries accounting for more than 10 % of our annual sales. You were able to cover all loads with minimal delays and issues. I especially want to thank Jason for all of his efforts in making this happen and communicating regularly with me. We appreciate our partnership with Cornerstone and the efforts of all your people to help make us successful.”
John P.




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Thank you Austin (Houston, TX),
In this whole mess you have been fantastic!! Glad you are on the team!!
- Dave, G.

“I wanted to compliment your receptionist who is running the switchboard (Therese Moore/Memphis).  She is the most professional one that I have ever encountered with all of the folks that I visit and talk to as far as their corporate offices.” 
Geoff S.

“Thank YOU (Judy Adams) for helping us when we got into a bind! I really appreciate all the work you do! And I’m not just talking about this one load, I’m talking about everything you do daily for us!"
Jessi T.

“When you work with Cornerstone Systems, you work with professionals. True professionals. You are guaranteed the value of experience and authenticity. Always a pleasure.”

Dalton G. 

“Thank you so much for the follow up.  Again a “TRUE” professional.”
Walter D.

“Jenny Gentry is on her game!  Not only does she respond with the needed information on the same day it is requested, but she tends to respond in a matter of minutes, more often than not.  She is super quick and makes my life so much easier!  Jenny is a gem!  Thank you for hiring her.  She eases my stress and I appreciate her attention to detail and personable correspondence.  I just wanted to take the time to give credit where credit is due.  Today was the first day I corresponded with Kimberly and she seems to be pretty on her game too.  There must be something in the water over there!  Thanks again for all the help!  We appreciate you guys!”
Melanie G.

“Good evening! I wanted you all to know that Jack Billingsley and Matthew Bryan are 2 of the best people that I work with in this industry! They are both always so polite and they are a true joy to work with on a daily and consistent basis! They make this stressful industry a little brighter and I'm thankful to have the opportunity to work with them both. I want them to know how much myself and my company appreciate their business, partnership and professionalism. Have a great night!”
Mary S.

“Jim (Chaltas) has been a great help to us and Cornerstone has been an outstanding carrier for us.  They have been great to work with.  Top notch service.”
Shawn G.

“THIS is why we love Cornerstone Systems!!  Thank you (Mendy Goebel) & your team (Portsmouth) for getting the job done.  That extra mile is why we recommend you & continue to use your services.  You always conduct yourselves professionally & with kindness.”
Valerie S.

“I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate the outstanding customer service that your staff provided last week.  I called on Tara Harrell to help us with a last minute container drayage.  It was an impossible timeline and a last minute request on a Friday.  She went above and beyond and got it done.  I want to make sure great performance and service gets rewarded. So please make sure this gets communicated and noticed.  We appreciate your team.  Have a great weekend.  With best regards.”
Simon S. 

“You (Susan O’Shaughnessy) have been absolutely amazing! It is so nice to see that customer service is not a lost art.  You have been so professional & so helpful.  I wished we were able to work with more people like you.  I will use Cornerstone wherever and whenever possible and tell everyone about you.”
Allison L.  

“Thank you (Mark Penny and Sheryl Tyson) so much for all your help with this.   If you treat all your customers like I’ve been treated, then you’re saints.  If I was treated extra special – then thank you even more.”
Mary K. 

“Thank you all so much for the outstanding service!”
Judy M.

“I must say that Cornerstone , and you (Tanya Verhelle) personally are a Class Act.  We are lucky to have you as our partner.”
Pauline D.

“You guys (Cornerstone Portsmouth, VA) are AWESOME!  Thank you so, so, much!”
Bridget G.

“Mandee (Wade)…Received very high remarks on your service.  They gave Cornerstone high praise as ‘their top intermodal provider’.   Thank you to the entire Orange Team for their efforts.”
Jim C.

“Nancy just handled a shipment for me that had multi pick-ups and deliveries, with special requirements at times, storage at your warehouse, odd pick-up name it.....the project lasted several weeks and the moves would not have gone smoothly with any other carrier.  Nancy was amazing to work with!”
Lisa H.

“I wanted you to know that I truly appreciate the communication that Jack provided for a very sensitive shipment that had to be made first thing this morning.  With little notice Jack arranged pick up in Texas on Friday and delivery Monday morning into Wisconsin.  This was a movement that could not fail and Jack made sure that it didn’t.  Thank you.”
Michael W.

Dear Tara,
Thank youuuuuuuuu….
Dear Collis,
Thank youuuuuuuuu…..
Dear Keith
Thank youuuuuuuuu….
Dear Jason,
Thank youuuuuuuuu….
Dear Cornerstone,
Thank youuuuuuuuu….

“It is wonderful working with carriers (Cornerstone’s Bridgette Maycott and Steve Bennick) that care so much and they are great to work with.   Fantastic job.”
Kimberly G.

“You (Shannika Laurey) are amazing!”
Joanna B

“Congratulations Blue Team (Sheryl, Jeff, Courtney, Jazmine, Ryan)!!!  Having an email from a customer is the highest compliment.  Thanks for all of your hard work!”
Pat N.

“I was impressed from the get go with your communication and handling.  This is my 50th year in international and I must say you restored my faith in how business should be done.  Nancy was outstanding and was patient to answer our questions.  I have used other companies in the past with not so great results so I wanted to thank you all for the quality and care you put into this for us.  It is refreshing to work with your company that performs at the level you say you will.  I very much appreciate that and that speaks volumes to your management and staff.”
Susan D.

“I just wanted to say a big "thank you" to your team (Katherine Wilson, Debbie Cisco, Mary Beth Marino, Angelica Denson, Jazmine Ross, Mike Murphy, Matt Coots, and Julian Prewitt)!  You all are doing a great job!”
Mark B.

“Your (Mark, Katherine & Orange Team) performance has been stellar on all shipments!  I have absolutely zero complaints.  You guys are my “Go-To” carrier!  Keep up the good work!
Clayton R.

“Yes I will always keep you (Collis Bryant) in mind first !!!  Must say true life savers!”
Emily V.

“Sure feels great when everything comes together on a short notice load!  Excellent job (Katherine Wilson) and very professional follow through.  Thanks again!”
Bill C.

“Katherine is an excellent associate and exemplifies an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program) owner; she is very much appreciated for handling our customer’s needs on Sunday with no notice.”
Jim C.

"I cannot stop smiling!!! This is why I will continue to use Cornerstone because you guys NEVER fail me! You have an awesome team!! THANK YOU!!"
Candice A.

“I can’t thank you enough for the quality of service you and your team offer.  We know we can count on Cornerstone to step up when we need it.  Thanks.”
Chris E.

“You (Tammie Fox) are a Rock Star!!!! As always, it is a pleasure to work with you and you always provide the most excellent customer service.”
Christi H.

“Cathy (Larkin) is the best I have worked with.  She makes my job easier!”
Kerry S.

“You are my best company to handle problems promptly.  I do value that.”
Michelle M.

“I want to commend Brandee for her work ethic and her hard work.  She goes above and beyond.  She pushes with everything she has to make sure the load is moved.  She reads her emails over the weekend even when she is not on call.  I have worked in this business a long time.  I have no doubt that Brandee does everything that she possibly can to accomplish what needs to be done for our customer.  She is an asset to Cornerstone Systems and our customers!  Thanks Brandee for your hard work!”
Jan H.

“I wanted to drop you a quick pat on the back, my dispatcher and I were going over things this morning and he really praised your company (David Vatter) for the outstanding service we have been receiving. Keep up the good work."
Jason M.

“Thanks so much for the phenomenal job in moving the 3 oversized pieces and 5 containers.”

Alyce T

“Working on a very complex rate request I needed assistance on one last, very difficult, piece of the puzzle.  Without hesitation, Sherri Tipton talked to the right carriers, made the right contacts, and found out some very important information that I needed.  She’s approaching hero status…she really came to the rescue.”
Barneye A

“My intent is to move my loads with Cornerstone.  John has always been my guy and I have no intent of switching.  Ernest manages my freight better than anyone I’ve ever used.”
Max S.

“Really nice follow-up job done with this situation although it certainly comes as no surprise.  When the customer states “This is an excellent job of communication” the compliment is truly justified.  Many thanks for your usual good work (Jan, Mike, Chanda, Angelica, Joel, Brent).”
Bruce H. and Jim C. 

“All you at Cornerstone have awesome service.  The best I have seen since we started shipping 40 years ago!  Thanks."
Lisa D.

“I can tell you that 4 out of the 5 times recently I called the competition, they could not cover the load…you have come through every time…I will go to you first from now on. Thanks for your continued excellent customer service.”
Scott F.

“As always, good job!”
Russ W.

“Nobody takes care of me like Jesse Villagomez, no matter when I call he always is able to help me!”
Sam V.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Cornerstone Systems.”
Rich G.

“David Vatter has received compliments on numerous occasions during the past six months.  These compliments come from top transportation contacts conveying their appreciation for his professional efforts in bringing to them important and timely information regarding their truckload shipments.”
Jim W.

.“Everyone in the Phoenix office advised that Cornerstone was the way to go with these container diversions and they were exactly right!!  I’ve been totally impressed with your service and communication.”
Mike B.


“We are looking for a company who will handle this move properly so we want to use Cornerstone.”

Bernadette D.

“I have always had good experiences with Cornerstone in the past.  I find it to be a first class company.”
Mike K.

“I could not be happier if you (Jessica Gause, Canfield, OH) dyed my hair red and called me a clown!  I was in desperate need yesterday and on the verge of panic and you just took over, made all the arrangements I needed and got it done!  I am so impressed and relieved. And you did it all with a not only a sense of urgency but a sense of humor, which was so appreciated!  Just an awesome job!  Thank you SO much!! Now all we have to worry about is tomorrow, but honestly, I know you’ve got this so I will sleep well tonight. 
Thanks again for all your help!!!!!!” 
-Lisa S.

“I’m going to send a recommendation in for you guys to the mega-boss. Ya’ll have done such a wonderful job this year.”
Ashley B.

“The planning and attention to details given to this from beginning to end was truly remarkable and greatly appreciated. There was such a warm welcome and culture of family felt during my visit that I couldn't believe this was a transportation company. This is a true testament of the people and the pursuit of excellence to every detail of the organization.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!”
Stephen H. 

“I would work with you guys every day if I could.  You are dream partners.”
Shelly B.

“I just wanted to thank you for your  outstanding service. The past few loads have shipped seamlessly, on time, and with no issues. The drivers have arrived on time for pick up and delivered on time as well. I always quote multiple brokers and your pricing has been competitive every time as some brokers gouge us when we are in a pinch. We look forward to continuing this partnership with our future flatbed needs.”
Matt S.

“I wanted to send a quick note of THANKS to  Cornerstone Systems for your outstanding performance with both capacity and service.  Your team moved loads  at  99.4% service.  Special call-out to both Allen Bains and Alfredo Villagomez for commitment to service and communication.”
Chris D.  

“In short, you all are fantastic... Excellent proactive communication that unfortunately is not common in our industry. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Thank you!”
Stacey A.

“Wow you all are making this seem so easy!  You are amazing.  Thanks for being so … Perfect.  The right people for the job. Thank you.”
Michelle P.

“You give the BEST customer service ever.”
Debbie S.

“You knocked this out of the park! You kept me up to date, let me know what was happening!
You’ll be getting more loads from me.”

Steve K.

“Wow, thank you all very much.  You guys do great work and customer service is top notch in your office.  Very proactive.”
Samya M.

“Who’s better than you guys? No one!  Thanks!”
Mrya Y.

“I love you guys!  You’re the best!”
Matt M.

“I agree that Cornerstone’s management of shipments makes everyone’s life easier, which is why I always reach out to you all when I’ve got shipments in new ports.”
Caleb H.

“I wanted to take a little time out to express my gratitude for your hard work on our latest Mexican shipment.  I was very impressed with your ability to get this order picked up and delivered within 10 days!  It is nice to work with someone who is diligent, has a keen understanding of the Mexican system and stays on top of every little detail.  This speaks volumes to my customer and myself!  Thank you (Shawn Darlington, Julian Prewitt)!”
Janet R.

“Sheryl’s quick thinking and persistence got the job done!”
Beth S.

“I wanted to drop you a note, and let you know how impressed I was working with Ryan (Burger) this week.   This week was really tough.  I spoke with Ryan about some delayed loads and he maintained such a level of professional in a very stressful situation.   It was just a good experience for me, and I wanted you to know I think you have a “winner” on your team.”
Lynn C.  

“Thank YOU (Rachel Tramontana) so much for all of the updates! It’s hard to find a trucker these days that will stay on top of a  shipment and send updates without me having to ask.  I really do appreciate y’all working with me on the trucking rate! This was definitely a GREAT first impression and I’ll be sure to keep you in mind for future shipments.  Thank you again for everything!”
Stephanie S.

“I wanted to thank you (Sheryl Tyson) and your team (Jazmine Ross, Beth Bush, Jeff Smith, Ryan Burger) for the tremendous effort and support yesterday.  We really appreciate the time you spend making sure all the shipments are picked up in time and replenishing the empty trailer pools at the LCs.  Thanks again.​​”
Bryan G.

“They made it a point to let Chip know how helpful Angelica was in correcting the situation and seeing it through to the end.”
Julian P. 

“This is the fastest I have ever rec'd my shipment from Houston Port! I really, really appreciate the speedy delivery. I'd like my customer to contact you (Heather McPherson) for ALL my deliveries from Houston.  Thanks!!”
Tina G.

“Cornerstone (Brandee Millington, Julian Prewitt, Kimberley Taylor, Kim Fleming and Judy Lee)  is hands down better than  the other IMC that we use – we appreciate the communication and honesty when quoting and providing services."
Neal L.

“Despite all of the issues our industry is facing, I have to say it seems like your team (Portsmouth, VA) is immune to the problems.  No matter how many miles or how little time is available, they always seem to find a way to make the most improbable loads possible.  Please pass along my sincere appreciation to everyone at Cornerstone for all their hard work.”
Aaron G.

“These guys work their tails off.”
Sheryl T.

“Thank you Tammy!  You all were a tremendous help!! We will definitely continue working with Cornerstone.”
Brandy H.

“I wanted to make sure you are aware of the extra mile and efforts I received from one of your employees, Barron Tacker in Memphis.  From the first time I reached out and spoke to Barron, he was extremely patience while I tried to work my way thru the various obstacles!  Not only did Barron continually work with me ….. but he would follow up to ensure things were moving along without prompting.  Now that’s customer service !!!

I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of the impression I have been left with in regards to Cornerstone and this specific employee.
Outstanding, professional, courteous, accurate, and very polite are an understatement of the services he provided.

BRAVO …. Simply BRAVO ….. Thank you so much Cornerstone !”
Jean M.

“I value you and you do great things for us!!  Cornerstone is pretty much a household name…anyone who doesn’t know you, is out of touch with reality. 
Great job again. Thank you.”
Michelle P.

“You (Keith Sterne) are always on top of everything.  I know you and the Cornerstone team will get the job done.”
Paul P.

“Thank you again, I can’t say it frequently enough how amazing the Cornerstone (Portsmouth, VA) staff is!”
Venetia H.

“Thank you so much.  You guys are very good to work with.  I appreciate all your help on everything!”
Christine O.

“Thanks for the rates they look great.  Since you (Keith Sterne) took over I can say we are getting great service.  I’m looking forward to building a long time relationship working with you.  Thanks for all your help.”
Carlos N.

“Thank you very much.  You guys are always dependable, I never have any issues with you at all.  Love working with you guys!!”
Christine O.

“I would like to extend my gratitude for going the extra mile and coming up with an alternative solution.  This is exactly what I expect from my vendors and it is thinking like this that will keep Cornerstone Systems on our radar.  Thanks again, and job well done.”
Robert G.

“Your service is unbelievably good.  The money is worth every penny for the great service”
Turhan C.

“Thanks to everyone at Cornerstone for continuing to work hard for equipment. We really appreciate it.”
Eric W.

“Charlene has been wonderful to work with and we have had no issues.  We appreciate her attention to our time-sensitive shipments.  Thank you!”

Kristy G.

"As always Cornerstone’s customer service is excellent. It is a pleasure working with your company."
Denise M.

“Thank you to Donna & Brandee’s team for getting so many customer loads on the rail in March.  We effectively doubled this customer’s savings this month.  Many had last minute changes and weren’t easy to cover but you showed great benefit to our customer.”
Matthew B.

“I cannot thank you enough for the communication and ease of workability. As many times as I went through changing this up on you, and you were good natured about the whole thing really made me feel good about this. My customer could not have been more pleased with the overall results and the way you dealt with their warehouse. Thanks again, and you will be hearing from my office this month for more containers. Thanks!”
Ken F.

“I will always let Jesse Villagomez arrange my loads, he saves me so much time and effort on my multiple stops, I just fax him the stops and he makes it happen.”
Sonia F.

“You guys are great!”
Jazmin G.

“I want to bring to your attention Jack Billingsley’s work this past weekend.  He has always stepped up to the plate and is tenacious about covering the needs of our customers.  He didn’t leave the freight to be considered Monday, but did the necessary work Sunday to ensure our client’s loads were covered before their work week even started."
Matthew B.

“I wish to recognize Jan Haley for thinking outside the box.  She is an example of an associate taking ownership of a situation and getting results.”
Jim C.

“You two (Beth and Susan) make my job, and more importantly the people who work at the outside offices job, so much easier.  Communication, product knowledge, attention to details are all excellent.  I monitor the outside offices emails with Cornerstone Systems and am always impressed with how much you both handle that link in communication.  All the offices express much the same on your job performance.”
Tim M.

“I can honestly say that Cornerstone, whether it be intermodal with Chanda or Wes with over the road, I have not once (since I’ve begun working with your group) ever been disappointed with anyone that I dealt with.  Always very professional, conscientious, courteous and great attitude.  I only wish all of the carriers I deal with were like this.  Thanks again to you and your team for all your help.”

Yvonne H.

“Cornerstone Team . . . as always . . . YOU ROCK!!!  Thank you so much for your ongoing support and partnership.”
Ann M.

“Perfect!  Thanks for the great service Mike (Murphy).”
Jonas S.

"On behalf of Project Liberty Ship, I would like to thank you (Collis Bryant) for negotiating and arranging for transportation of 12 shots of anchor chain from Portsmouth, VA to Baltimore, MD for use aboard the Liberty ship S.S. John W. Brown.  The chain is very heavy and, had a means of transport not been available, we would not have been able to take advantage of this valuable donated material.  Project Liberty Ship is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that is staffed entirely with volunteers.  Without the generosity of individuals such as yourself, maintaining and operating our 70 year old ship would not be possible.  Thank you again for your help in keeping this wonderful WWII vessel steaming."
Mindy S.