International Freight / Domestic Transportation Division

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Real-Time Information Keeps You Informed

Our experienced staff coordinates your end-to-end transportation, but also supplies extensive communication about your freight.  We provide customized status reports, based on your metrics, to your portal or Cloud.  Cornerstone excels at freight solutions but also at exception management.  If your freight sits in transit we contact the railroad, ocean carrier, warehouse, or drayage company and inquire as to why.  If seals are broken, we coordinate inspections to determine if your freight has been tampered with.   Yes, we manage your equipment and containers, but also supply real-time information so you always know that your freight is moving smoothly to its final destination.

U.S. Import/Export Freight

We work with freight forwarders and customs house brokers, and are experts at staying on top of export deadlines and import availability.

On the export side we arrange for your empty container, load it, and make sure it arrives on time at the designated port or ramp.  Our daily customized reporting provides milestones, a great check and balance for your freight forwarder and Cornerstone.  We manage your equipment, but also provide data that supports the movement so you always know where your containers are.

On the import side, we monitor the arrival of your container by tracking it on the ocean carrier’s website.  We communicate with your customs house broker to make sure all documents are released and there is no customs’ hold.  When your container is cleared and ready, we send a truck to pick it up.  All while monitoring port operations because they impact availability of containers.  Exceptions are endless and vary by terminal.  Our job is to constantly report any exceptions to you, alerting you to potential delays in product arrival or supply chain.

Container Drayage

At Cornerstone, we have developed strong drayage relationships nationwide with both port and domestic draymen.  Our dray carriers are exceptional from a locality standpoint.  When entering a port, ramp or warehouse, they are already aware of operations, issues and exceptions occurring at that location.  Bottom line, we want to align the best carrier with your freight and we do that by collaborating with very knowledgeable and reliable draymen.


Looking for a storage solution if your product isn’t ready for export?  Whether you need to store it for days, weeks, months or longer, Cornerstone has access to warehouses all across the country, covering all commodities, in all ports and gateways.  Your product will be safe and ready to go when your export load is ready to ship.  We manage the “in and out” of your warehouse freight, providing inventory recaps and daily tracking.  Our warehouses are also available for offloading and reloading.  Export loads often need to unload from vans or flatbeds and reload into containers.  Import loads often arrive in containers from port and are taken to transload warehouses to reload based on specs/staging by SKU/kitting or reloaded for expedited shipments.  Need storage or transloading assistance?  We’ve got you covered.


Our domestic teams are actively involved with all nationwide ports, visiting port locations, staying in constant communication with port staff, and meeting at industry conferences.  We keep you advised and informed on industry updates and changing market conditions.

No Limit on Service Providers

We have access to all regional and national carriers.  We fully vet them and monitor their performance to ensure they execute to the level you expect.

HazMat Certified and Ready

Cornerstone is registered with the Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (DOT PHMSA).  Our employees are trained in hazmat/safety/security awareness so they can identify and utilize appropriate carriers who meet the requirements set forth by the DOT PHMSA.  Your hazardous materials will only move with carriers, and drivers, who are also hazmat certified.  If you have hazmat loads to move, we are trained, prepared and ready to help.

Cross Border Capabilities in Place

The new 2020 trade deal, now called the U.S. – Mexico – Canada Agreement, replaces NAFTA keeping a strong trilateral trade bloc in North America. Cornerstone’s experience moving cross border commerce will keep your freight moving seamlessly and with the right carriers. Looking for help with cross border loads, including bilingual assistance? Look no further than Cornerstone Systems.