Railcar / Railcar Consolidation

Not Everyone Offers Railcar, But We Do. Rail-Side & Non Rail-Side. We Are That Good.

Additional Information

New to Railcar?

If you are new to railcar and considering it for the first time we will arrange to have rail specialists teach you best practices on blocking & bracing, providing both load diagrams and guidelines.  We will find warehouses, trucks and carriers to help with transload at both origin and destination.  At Cornerstone, we’ve shipped wine, tomato paste, butter, sugar, paper rolls, steel coils, logs and more in railcars.  We are proven, knowledgeable and experienced.  Thinking about railcar as an option?  Give us a call.  We are mode neutral and will compare mode options to help you decide which is the most cost and service effective for your program.

Railcar Provides Economic Efficiencies and Potential Cost Savings

On an average, one railcar equates to 3 Intermodal container loads or 3-5 truckloads, based on boxcar size.  Consolidating multiple loads into railcar typically generates overall cost savings.  Not to mention you eliminate coordinating multiple truck drivers, dispatches, and the loading of multiple trucks.  Although railcar generally has a longer transit, there are many benefits with less touches, faster inventory turns and potential cost savings.  Railcar is a fantastic option for many commodities and freight programs.    

We Stay On Top of Every Detail So You Don’t Have To

At Cornerstone, we are in daily communication with our shippers and receivers, rail and carrier partners, transloading warehouses, and both loading and unloading facilities to track and trace your freight.  These strong relationships have created a mutually beneficial environment where a constant flow of information occurs between all parties.  We capture every detail about your freight and stay on top of any issues until they are resolved.  This information is relayed to you through customized reporting based on your criteria.  Need car locations or ETA’s, no worries.  Looking for daily or weekly consolidation updates, we have you covered.  Our railcar teams proactively put the data you need in your hands, within the specific time frame you request.  We stay on top of every detail so you don’t have to. 

Rail-Side vs Non Rail Side Flexibility

Worried if you don’t have rail siding at your origin or destination?  Don’t be!  We have you covered.  If rail-siding is available we simply spot cars at the origin facility for loading.  If rail-siding is not available we arrange for a truck, or intermodal move, to bring your freight to a rail-served transloading facility where the freight is then transloaded into a railcar.  So when rail-siding is not available at origin or destination, no problem.  Our team of specialists will coordinate the right carriers to pick up, transload and ultimately deliver as needed.       

Access to All Types of Railcars

Looking for a particular type of railcar?  We have access to all types including gondolas, covered gondolas, flat cars, center beam flatcars, steel coil cars, boxcars of various sizes (50’-68) including high cubes and insulated (offering freeze and heat protection).  

Mode Neutral to Better Serve You

We are mode neutral.  That means that we bring value to you by comparing modes to determine the most cost and/or service effective solution for your freight program.  It is extremely unlikely that we will lose railcar loads to our competition, but we may lose railcar loads to a different mode.  If switching to intermodal or truck is the better option for you, we have the options in place and the flexibility to move quickly.

Greener Footprint

Railcar is a great option if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint.  It is a greener option than both intermodal and truck making it an environmentally friendly choice.

HazMat Certified and Ready

Cornerstone is registered with the Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (DOT PHMSA).  Our employees are trained in hazmat/safety/security awareness so they can identify and utilize appropriate carriers who meet the requirements set forth by the DOT PHMSA.  Your hazardous materials will only move with carriers, and drivers, who are also hazmat certified.  If you have hazmat loads to move, we are trained, prepared and ready to help. 

Cross Border Capabilities in Place

The new 2020 trade deal, now called the U.S. – Mexico – Canada Agreement, replaces NAFTA keeping a strong trilateral trade bloc in North America. Cornerstone’s experience moving cross border commerce will keep your freight moving seamlessly and with the right carriers. Looking for help with cross border loads, including bilingual assistance? Look no further than Cornerstone Systems.