International Freight / Domestic Transportation Division

Supply Chain Solutions – We Set The Bar and We Set It High.

Want to know who made that statement?  Truth be told we hear it all the time from our customers.  A core value of ours, “never satisfied” keeps us continuously driving to seek improvement.  It is our job to keep up with all the countless moving parts in the world of supply chain, and we do our job very well.  As a domestic provider and broker, we handle what you would call the “land side”, not the “water side”, meaning we handle the domestic portion, not the international portion of your shipment.  We are the link in your supply chain who handles domestic transportation needs such as port and railroad drayage, the domestic leg of U.S. imports and exports, warehousing, transloading, domestic van and much more.  Our customers are involved with import and export, and also domestic freight. 

We manage your equipment, provide real-time data and customized reporting, have access to all regional and national carriers, and keep you informed on changing market conditions. We meet face-to-face with you, ensure alignment, and execute on agreed upon milestones.  Not all transportation providers have the one-on-one care that we provide, and it makes a difference.  We are diverse, nimble, engaged, have deep reach in the industry, and there is no task too large or too small that we won’t take on.   Just ask our customers.  They will agree.

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