LTL (Less Than Truckload)

Lighten the load. Boost the bottom line.

Do you have a smaller load of freight needing to be moved? Shipping LTL (less than truckload) allows you to share the cost of transportation and reduce your overall shipping costs. Utilizing LTL shipments with Cornerstone provides your company with constant communication from a team with decades of experience in the industry backed by a robust network of carefully vetted carriers and partners.

Our Single Point of Contact Keeps It Simple

Communication with Cornerstone is simple. You have one point of contact for all of your tracking updates, market updates, pricing quotes, reporting and more. Why make it difficult? We make shipping LTL that much easier. One point of contact is just one phone call away.

Proactive Communication and Daily Updates Keep You Informed

Cornerstone proactively keeps our customers updated on expected shipping patterns, seasonality and holiday peaks, weather alerts, and end-of-month peaks so they can adjust their shipping schedules if needed. We keep you informed because we stay informed.

We Immerse Ourselves in Your Detail

We are a seamless freight provider and make sure to understand every detail of your freight program. Our LTL specialists review freight dimensions, weight, value, and classification. We scrutinize load requirements and review every detail along the way.

Mode Neutral Approach Tailors Solutions to Your Needs

We understand the complexities of moving freight which is why being mode-neutral is so important. At Cornerstone, we move your freight in the most cost effective way that meets your needs, regardless of the mode.

Exception Management

How much time do you spend on exceptional management, damages, and lost shipments? How much time is this costing you? How much in lost savings? With Cornerstone, no worries. As your one point of contact we manage the claims process for you. We interact on your behalf and keep you informed.

We Are Relationship Builders

Brick by brick we build strong relationships, and these relationships last. Once a customer starts shipping with Cornerstone they stay. We call it customer longevity. Our customers invest in us, just as we invest in them. 

HazMat Certified and Ready

Cornerstone is registered with the Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (DOT PHMSA). Our employees are trained in hazmat/safety/security awareness so they can identify and utilize appropriate carriers.

Cross Border Capabilities in Place

Cornerstone’s knowledge of global trade regulations allows us to expedite the process of moving products across borders. Bilingual assistance available.