Railcar / Railcar Consolidation

On track for success.

Our railcar specialists have access to all types of railcar equipment, are experts at working with both rail-side and non rail-side facilities, and may even save you some money along the way with consolidation. Already moving railcar? No worries. We can also assume railcar management of your existing rail program. Let us leverage our strong relationships and experience with the railroads, put our proven processes into action and manage this process for you. If you want to know how good we are, ask about our wine program. Cornerstone has developed the operational infrastructure, systems, and capacity to become the largest railcar 3PL in Napa Valley and a premier carrier in the wine industry. Cheers!

Railcar Provides Economic Efficiencies and Potential Cost Savings

On an average, one railcar equates to three Intermodal container loads or 3-5 truckloads, based on boxcar size. Although railcar generally has a longer transit, there are many benefits with consolidation, less touches, faster inventory turns, and potential cost savings.

We Stay on Top of the Details

We capture every detail about your freight and stay on top of any issues until they are resolved. Our railcar teams proactively put the data you need in your hands, within the specific time frame you request. We stay on top of every detail so you don’t have to.

Access to All Types of Railcars

Looking for a particular type of railcar?  We have access to all types including gondolas, covered gondolas, flat cars, center beam flatcars, steel coil cars, boxcars of various sizes (50’-68) including high cubes and insulated (offering freeze and heat protection).

Rail-Side vs Non Rail Side Flexibility

If rail-siding is available we simply spot cars at the origin facility for loading. If rail-siding is not available, we arrange for a truck, or intermodal move to bring your freight to a rail-served transloading facility where the freight is then transloaded into a railcar.

Greener Footprint

Railcar is a great option if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint. It is a greener option than both intermodal and truck making it an environmentally friendly choice.