Customer testimonials:

What customers are saying about Cornerstone Systems.

“I really appreciate the fact that you guys do all the “babysitting” of my shipments after I send you the paperwork… it makes my job a lot easier when I don’t have to babysit truckers and I can actually count on my freight getting picked up as expected. I really appreciate all of your help.”

–Lauren Y.

“When you work with Cornerstone Systems, you work with professionals. True professionals. You are guaranteed the value of experience and authenticity. Always a pleasure.”

–Dalton G.

“Who’s better than you guys? No one! Thanks!”
–Myra Y.
“The planning and attention to details given to this from beginning to end was truly remarkable and greatly appreciated. There was such a warm welcome and culture of family felt during my visit that I couldn’t believe this was a transportation company. This is a true testament of the people and the pursuit of excellence to every detail of the organization. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!”

–Stephen H.

“Working with you is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in this industry.”

–Alex S.

“I wanted to send a quick note of THANKS to Cornerstone Systems for your outstanding performance with both capacity and service. Your team moved loads at 99.4% service. Special call-out for commitment to service and communication.”

–Chris D.

“It is so nice to see that customer service is not a lost art. You have been so professional & so helpful. I wished we were able to work with more people like you. I will use Cornerstone wherever and whenever possible and tell everyone about you.”

–Allison L.

“The customer service and the attention to our account from the Cornerstone team is excellent.”

–Don L.

“I’m really glad that I got to work with your company because the people and service are simply great. I know that I’m very fortunate that I got to experience working with Cornerstone because it validates that excellence in business can really happen.”

–Shawn M.