Industries we serve

Delivering strategic solutions to countless industries.
Here is a small sampling.

Food and Beverage

Choosing the right transportation provider is vital when transporting food and beverage products due to their various complexities, restrictions, and requirements. Temperature-sensitive food requires special care and refrigerated equipment to maintain specific temperatures during transit, including temperature recorders that are monitored daily.

Wine requires multi-modal options including railcar consolidation, committed insulated capacity, damage prevention, and strategic relationships with the Napa Valley warehouse network.

From wine and spirits to tomato sauce, frozen food to canned goods, gum and candies to butter, we deliver on the logistical requirements of cleanliness, safety, product visibility, on-time delivery, and execution when it comes to moving our nation’s supply of food and beverage products.

Appliances and Electronics

If your product is of a high-tech nature requiring extra care, look no further than Cornerstone to provide you with peace of mind. Lean on our experienced team to assist with direct fulfillment/vendor direct shipments, MABDs (must arrive by dates), and RDDs (requested delivery dates). Let our average 98% on-time performance bring value to your supply chain.

We have extensive experience with channel partners and are an approved drop carrier with big box stores and are already familiar with operating requirements. Appointments are met from facility to facility, and your freight will move seamlessly to your destination.


Cornerstone Systems excels as a leading transportation and logistics provider in the Agriculture industry due to our extensive, vetted carrier network. This allows us to offer unparalleled capacity for shippers across diverse locations, addressing seasonal fluctuations with impressive adaptability. Our commitment extends beyond transportation, offering strategic warehousing solutions for product staging until export bookings are secured.

Our team understand the intricacies of export shipments, ensuring compliance with chassis and container requirements. We actively gather data to support export bookings, facilitating seamless coordination and timely information flow with freight forwarders. Our proactive approach ensures meeting vessel cutoffs and provides specialized reporting for each milestone, showcasing reliability.


Timing is critical to the crews meeting deadlines at final concept stores and hotel locations. We work with manufacturers, designers, consolidators as well as hospitality brands directly on all aspects of transportation and related services.

Common Items Delivered:

  • Contract Furniture
  • Bedding
  • Work & Food Prep Stations
  • Warming Equipment
  • Refrigeration



At Cornerstone, we excel in providing flexibility for your supply chain and speed-to-market requirements. That includes disaster recovery transportation and expedited services to support last minute promotions, out of stock items and seasonal needs. Our coverage and access to an extensive nationwide network of carriers enables us to make sure your product gets to market on time and intact. We stay in constant communication monitoring your freight and advising ETA’s.

We are the link in your supply chain, handling domestic transportation needs such as port and railroad drayage, the domestic leg of U.S. imports and exports, warehousing, transloading, domestic van and much more. With multi-modal options we remain mode neutral, tailoring our logistics solutions to your needs. 


Cornerstone Systems moves freight for all segments of the automotive sector. Be it with the suppliers of the auto industry, OEM or aftermarket parts, our experienced automotive teams are moving everything from gear boxes to engines.

Services Offered:

  • Just-in-time (JIT) deliveries
  • Expedited drayage
  • Pick-up within specific windows of vessel arrival, transload into road trucks (single or team) and deliver to multiple receivers
  • Freight receiving into warehousing facilities, re-sort, and deliver back out to multiple consignees.
  • Multi-modal options to give you flexibility 

Seats, hoods, trunks, fenders, brake parts, tires, wheels, air conditioners, radiators, batteries, carpet, leather, vinyl, air bags and more. We’ve covered it. 

Government Services

Our Government Services Division serves the freight transportation and storage requirements of federal, state, and local government agencies along with the industrial base/contractors that support the government.

We team with you on single shipments or long-term logistics contracts and cover:

  • Domestic and/or North American shipments
  • Over-the-road commodities including hazmat
  • Oversized/heavy equipment
  • Expedited cargo
  • Drayage in and out of any U.S. port
  • Freight over the rail
  • Project cargo
  • Warehousing and transloading solutions

Approved with DOD, DLA, FEMA, GSA, and the VA among others. SCAC codes: CGVA, COYN, CSNY.

Renewable Energy Projects

Cornerstone’s expertise in both project management and the renewable industry give us the edge and set us apart from our competition. We work with construction firms, contractors and developers transporting, storing, transloading, consolidating and coordinating all types of solar projects that are operating, under construction or under development.

Recognizing the time sensitivity of solar projects and the uniqueness of each job site, Cornerstone comprehends the importance of precision. Whether it’s torque tubes, solar panels, inverters, cables, meters, wiring, racking, mounting components, drive lines, or any other equipment, we’ve successfully transported it all. If your job site isn’t ready and requires warehouse storage with comprehensive inventory management and tracking, we handle such requirements seamlessly on a daily basis.