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Cornerstone Culture

Back in 1997 Founder/Chairman Rick Rodell decided to create something better for those he cared about.  The result was Cornerstone Systems.

Today, the company continues to grow and thrive based on the simple truth of why we were founded, “to provide a better place for people to work.”  Our core values of integrity, honesty, respect, loyalty and never satisfied – we will continuously seek improvement, are truly shared values we believe in, and our work/life balance is second to none.  We are relationship builders, problem solvers, brainstormers, collaborators, knowledge seekers and honest communicators. We are a culture of success.

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“I'm really glad that I got to work with your company because the people and service are simply great. I know that I'm very fortunate that I got to experience working with Cornerstone because it validates that excellence in business can really happen.”

Shawn M.